Overalls, Oatmeal & Dreams


First in a new DREAM adventure series for young readers.

An antique jeweled ring hangs on a chain around Jeannie O’Connell’s neck, next to her heart. She has worn it since her grandmother gave it to her in a dream six years ago.

Now that she’s twelve, the Iowa farm girl learns the family legacy of the dream ring, and how a select few of her nightly dream adventures can help others. In Overalls, Oatmeal & Dreams, Jeannie  must face the challenges of the dream messages and decide to accept or reject their cryptic clues. Can she interpret them well enough to save lives, to keep the magic?

Join the dreamer as she encounters seventh-grade adventures of friendships lost and found, of stolen pigs and county fairs and the biggest Halloween party in Gunther County, Iowa.


By Carol LaGasse 

I absolutely loved this book. I know it was written for the coming of age teen, but, I enjoyed it immensely and couldn’t put it down until I had finished. I thought the character of Jeannie was delightful as were her friends C.J., Mavis and Charlene. Just the right amount of history about a small town in Iowa, farm life, grist mills and the civil war, all tied up with magic and mystery and the ups and downs of friendship in a young girl’s life.

NOW AVAILABLE in e-book and paperback format from Amazon.com

Look for the second book in the series, Tulips, Talent & Dreams coming in 2016.


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