My Second Wind

Nobody moves to Lubbock on purpose.”

Except Maggie Grant.

Widowed after a 30-year traditional marriage in Dallas, Maggie moves to West Texas for a new job as director of communications and marketing at her beloved alma mater, Texas Tech University.

Her life becomes one adventure, one crisis after another as she faces an unscrupulous boss who appears to be deliberately sabotaging her work. Mix in the unexplained arson fires at the university, murder and mystery that she alone can solve. Can her friendships and faith sustain her through heartache, grief, deception and danger?

Nationwide audiences will get a close-up and in-depth view of today’s West Texas that will forever erase any preconceived prejudices of a barren beige land and populace.

Texas Tech University and Lubbock come alive in the depictions of time-honored traditions of Red Raider football, Saddle Tramps, Carol of Lights, Fourth on Broadway, eclectic student haunts and surrounding cotton fields.


“Great book made me want to visit Tech, reminds me of my days at Tech.” —James Berg

“This book is AMAZING. It really shows what life in Lubbock & West Texas is like, it also showcases Texas Tech U. Whether you are looking for a good mystery or love the West Texas lifestyle this book is for you.”  —Sheri Biggs

“I heard about this book when we visited the Windmill Museum in Lubbock, Texas on a road trip. As an alum of Texas Tech I thought it would be fun to read a book set in Lubbock. I enjoyed it, especially all the local flavor of using the Saddle Tramps and the Tech campus as important elements to the plot.”  —Zerlindatar

“Good development of characters – very interesting setting and story line – hard to put down!” —Richard Lynch

“An engrossing story of second chances when a widow returns to her nostalgic college environment. Well-drawn characters that we can relate to and we share their ups and downs. I think many of us can relate to lost potential and ‘what could have been.’ The mystery takes a while to build but has a satisfying climax. She had me at ‘We have to stop meeting like this, Sweetheart.’ Will there be another mystery for Maggie and Colin to solve?” —Barbara Carr

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