Compass Boys

A walloping good tale!”   —J. Bruno

Adventures in1950s West Texas. Times were simpler back then… or where they?

Greg North and Bobby South—the Compass Boys, one white, one brown—planned to spend their summer days out on the ranch in a world of make-believe, acting out the weekly Roy Rogers TV show or Disney Triple R adventures, digging up arrowheads and catching horny toads. Just being boys.

But late in the1950s, the summer of their tenth year, they discovered television was the only thing in their world truly black and white. The ugly colors of racial prejudice blazed up and knocked them flat on their butts. Bigotry rocked their world and tested friendships in their small West Texas town.


Bobby narrates the story of that summer—of rabid coyotes, sacred friendships, baseball games, secret hideouts and a deadly devastating fire. He tells about painfully leaving parts of his childhood behind.

Can the two best friends turn their compass points around and navigate the grownup world they’ve been forced to enter? Or will the ignorance of a few forever point them in the direction of hate and misunderstanding?


Their summer adventures come alive in a town in the heart and heat of West Texas.


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“A quick read with short chapters about a couple of best friends living near Andrews, Texas back in the 50’s. The boys encounter racial prejudice for the first time and the author’s description of the feelings and emotions it spawns is very insightful and eye-opening. The hero in the story is an unlikely character and makes for a heartwarming conclusion. Upper elementary/middle school children—both boys and girls—are bound to enjoy this one!” —Judy

“Great read about young boys in West Texas. Brought me right back to growing up in the 50s In Texas. This author is very insightful about young boys, their antics, the community and the prejudice during those times. Lots of lessons to be learned here to apply to the present. Definitely recommended for the young reader!” —Carol

“An enjoyable read about two young boys in West Texas in the 1950’S. Their adventures are seemingly idyllic, until they encounter prejudice for the first time. The story brought me back to my own carefree childhood in the 50’s, but also brought in a well-thought-out lesson on racial bigotry. Recommended for kids 9 – 12.” —Chris M.



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